People are the only thing that matters The   only   important   thing   in   the   guild,   above   all   else,   is   each   member,   every   one   of   us, that   means:   respect,   getting   along,   consideration   for   each   others   time,   need   for   space,   or helping when it is possible, or understanding help is not always possible. Fun above expertise Not   taking   things   too   serious   goes   a   long   way,   while   we   all   try   to   do   our   best   in   game, sometimes   lack   of   experience,   or   technical   issues   might   get   in   the   way,   understand   this and   do   not   belittle   or   take   it   personal   against   other   players   if   their   game   is   not   up   to   your expectations,   try   to   carry   on   this   behavior   in   and   out   of   the   guild,   remember,   you   are   now part of an Elite. Quality of Experience, Not numbers Our   quest   is   not   for   Massive   numbers   of   players,   it   is   for   a   quality   of   players:   Good friends,    teamplayers,    an    easygoing,    respectful    and    comfortable    environment,    a    place where YOU matter, your place. Class Act and humble We   try   to   remember   always   that   what   matters   is   being   as   good   as   the   best,   but   knowing none of us should act or feel as if we are better than the rest. No drama No    drama,    no    bickering,    and    remembering    that    we    all    might    have    a    bad    day, comprehension and understanding goes a long way. Human We   all   have   problems   sometimes,   remember   none   of   us   are   at   fault   or   to   blame   for   them, let’s not take it out on each other. Behave with everyone in the way you want others to behave with you. Laid back and Fun And above all: Enjoy, have fun. That’s why all of us are here. Respect This   is   the   core,   and   as   such   it   would   be   in   the   first   place   of   this   page,   the   reason   it’s   not is   because   we   hope   it’s   been   implicit   since   the   moment   you   have   been   invited   to   the guild,   or   that   you   have   visited   this   page,   and   if   you’ve   read   this   far,   we   can   only   guess you have a lot of respect on every area of your life and commend you on it. Family friendly, family safe, and why... This   includes   ALSO,   on   a   more   specific   way,   remembering   within   the   guild,   we   want   to give   you   the   guarantee   of   a   family   safe   environment,   whether   you   bring   or   invite   a   loved one   just   to   see   you   in   game,   or   bring   them   to   the   guild,   and   to   do   this   we   need   to   keep   this standard: No foul language or any vulgar or demeaning references on any topic. It’s   not   a   matter   of   people   in   the   guild   being   considered   as   “prude”   or   “uptight”   but making   sure   no   one   goes   through   an   embarrassing   moment   at   the   worst   time   and   can really enjoy a good time in a fun place.
Frequently (And recently) asked questions from new elites Should we be recruiting new members? The short answer is, No. We are not a recruiting guild. Do we take in new members? Yes. The difference? A major one, we are happy to receive people who are looking for a different Community, not a standard guild... what you can see in here. We do offer to stay in touch, especially on our chat channel which is open to other guild members as well when we find like-minded people, who are nice, friendly, and as grateful as we are to have this same experience in an MMO world where politeness is not exactly the norm and is a very welcome find. If someone wants to join our family, we’re more than happy to keep on growing in this natural way, but never by asking or harrassing anyone to do so. Never offer false expectations  We are a small, new guild, and we are not going for massive numbers. Do we do a determined number of Raids per week? No. Do we hope to do them? Yes. If enough of us, among friends, can run them. And only without stress, pressure, or complaints about someone not being able to be there, or not “playing well enough”.
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